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We’re searching for Life & Executive Coaches, Conditioning Coaches & Transition Career Coaches to provide feedback on which we think about the most innovating web-based measure on today’s market.

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MindSonar can be known as an X-Ray Machine for that Mind

Coaching Certification in Canada

If you have a piece of equipment that could measure how people think, how does one utilize it? MindSonar is really a internet based psychological measurement that profiles:

1. People’s metaprograms (= their thinking style).

2. Their criteria (= their values; whatever they find important).

3. The hierarchy inside their criteria (= what they find most critical, what comes next etc).

4. What sort of criteria they may be.

The above delivered inside a comprehensive 30 pages report using a summary graph around the cover page that provides an overview of the results, these results provide Coaches and Clients having a unique and effective channel of communication since the initial session, MindSonar is like summarizing as much as 7 Coaching sessions in 1, it’s that powerful and very easy to use, it can help Coaches and Clients achieve better generates a shorter time frame, what this means is happier clients, more productive Coaches and for that reason more referrals.